Reports Related to "Science Center, California"

Reports Related to "Science Center, California"
Date Issued Report Number Report Title
January 14, 2016 2015-041

Recommendations Not Fully Implemented After One Year: The Omnibus Audit Accountability Act of 2006

Full Report (PDF) Status of Recommendations

August 26, 2014 2012-603

High Risk Update: State Agencies Credited Their Employees With Millions of Dollars Worth of Unearned Leave

Fact Sheet (PDF) Summary Full Report (PDF) Recommendations

August 24, 1999 98115.1

California Science Center: It Does Not Ensure Fair and Equitable Treatment of Employees, Thus Exposing the State to Risk

Summary Full Report (PDF)

April 7, 1999 98115

California Science Center: The State Has Relinquished Control to the Foundation and Poorly Protected Its Interests

Summary Full Report (PDF)