Work in progress

Upcoming Reports:

2018-117 - City and County Jails—Contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Est. Release Date: February 26, 2019 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

2018-501 - Follow-Up—Sexual Assault Evidence Kits
Est. Release Date: March 7, 2019

2018-001 - State of California Financial Report (Gov. Code, § 8546.3)
Est. Release Date: March 2019

2018-001.1 - State of California Internal Control and Compliance (Gov. Code, § 8546.3)
Est. Release Date: March 2019

2018-002 - Federal Portion of the Statewide Single Audit Report (Gov. Code, § 8546.3)
Est. Release Date: March 2019

2018-110 - City of Lincoln
Est. Release Date: March 2019 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program:
Report 2018-114—The Departments of General Services and Veterans Affairs Have Failed to Maximize Participation and to Accurately Measure Program Success
Implementation of State Auditor's Recommendations:
Report 2019-406—Reports Released in January 2017 Through December 2018
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation:
Report 2018-113—Several Poor Administrative Practices Have Hindered Reductions in Recidivism and Denied Inmates Access to In‑Prison Rehabilitation Programs