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We explore, collect evidence, and find the truth. We use that truth to craft recommendations so that those in power can best serve the people they represent.

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How Change Happens...

More students enrolled in the University of California

  1. The Legislature requested and we performed an audit of the University of California Office of the President.
  2. We found  $175 million  in undisclosed reserves.
  3. The Legislature directed the University of California to  redirect $15 million  to increase student enrollment.
  4. As a result,  1,500 additional students were enrolled  in the University of California.

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Eliana is Making an Impact.

Eliana is always excited to tell people about her job. She has great stories about traveling with her team, finding amazing food, and, most importantly, uncovering the truth so policy makers can do what's right. She recently attended her first briefing at the Capitol, a moment that made her really proud of the work she's done. Since Eliana joined our office in 2016, she has brought attention to inefficiency in government and helped craft recommendations that led to positive change for her fellow Californians. For example, a report Eliana worked on led to millions of dollars—that may have otherwise been wasted—being reallocated to increase student services in the Los Angeles region.

"I am proud of what we do because I know my job is meaningful. My work has led to government improving services and spending taxpayer dollars more effectively."

Eliana Flores
Performance/Policy Evaluator

What You Would Do as a Performance / Policy Evaluator...

bullseye with arrowSolve Problems
document with bar chart and down arrow signifying collecting evidenceCollect and Analyze Evidence
bar graphTrend and Visualize Data
3 people meeting with one personInterview Government Officials
two documents with pencilWrite Reports for the Legislature and Public