Use Your Legal Expertise to Influence Positive Change.

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Our attorneys lend their expertise to some of California's toughest legal questions and help our teams develop compelling arguments to pave the way for positive change.

Join our team and be part of improving the lives of Californians.

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Our Attorneys Support Our Office in Every Way.


Whether it's a performance/policy evaluation, financial audit, or investigation, our attorneys are members of our teams. From the first day of a project, they are there to help navigate the web of federal, state, and local laws. Because there is so much variation in our work, they are always learning about new policy issues. And when problems are tricky, they help our teams by performing extensive research and developing legal conclusions. After they've signed off that our reports are legally sound, they are beside us at the Capitol answering questions and defending our work.


The Voters FIRST Act gave the power to draw Congressional and State district lines to the California citizens to ensure that new and fair political boundaries are drawn without special interests, politics, and political influence. Every ten years, our office plays an important role in selecting the commission that will redraw the lines. Our attorneys are essential in this process from adopting regulations, providing advice on running public meetings, and overseeing the application and selection process.


Our attorneys support every element of our office—literally. In addition to helping audit teams untangle the State's biggest problems, they are also here to help our office ensure we are making sound business decisions. Whether it is working with our human resources team or helping to develop a contract, our attorneys get a wide range of opportunities and experiences.

David is Excited to Work on Important Government Issues.

David King in business suite with travel bag and laptop in background

David King

J.D. Law, UC Davis
M.B.A., Georgetown University
B.A. English, Amherst College

Before joining our team, David worked for a state agency that our office was evaluating. He was skeptical that our employees could jump in and truly understand the intricacies of the program they were analyzing, but we surprised him. He found our team to be smart, dynamic, and professional and he thought that our final report was spot on. That report introduced new energy into the organization and spurred positive change that made the agency better. It also inspired David to come and work with us. He believes in our mission because he has seen our impact.

"The role of the State Auditor is to make positive change that wouldn't have happened without the hard work and thoughtful analyses that come from our organization. Change happens because of us."

David King

What You Would Do as an Attorney...

Computer screen with courthouseResearch Federal, State, and Local Laws
Open book with speech bubble containing exclamation markHelp Audit Teams Interpret the Law
3 people meeting with one personWork With Chief Counsel on Legal Conclusions
hand holding speech bubble with information icon insideEnsure Audit Teams Have Access to Information
thumbs up in front of personSupport Other Areas of the Office Like Human Resources