Legislation We're Tracking

Bills related to our report on:

Law Enforcement's Inadequate Response to Hate Crimes

Assembly Bill 57 Requires the basic police officer course curriculum to include instruction on the topic of hate crimes, to be developed in consultation with subject-matter experts.
Assembly Bill 266 Adds felony hate crimes to the list of violent felonies defined in state law.
Assembly Bill 485 Requires local law enforcement agencies to post information relating to hate crimes on their websites on a monthly basis.
Assembly Bill 557 Requires the Department of Fair Employment and Housing to provide grant funds to community-based organizations and local agencies for the purpose of operating local public telephone hotlines and online portals for reporting hate crimes and hate incidents.

Bills related to our report on:

The State's Failure to Obtain Case Outcome Information Demonstrating the Benefit of Sexual Assault Evidence Kits

Senate Bill 215 Requires the Department of Justice to establish a process that allows survivors of sexual assault to electronically track updates regarding their sexual assault evidence kits.

Bills related to our report on:

Weaknesses in the Commission on Judicial Performance's Oversight of Judicial Conduct

Assembly Bill 1577 Requires the Commission on Judicial Performance to take all reasonable steps to investigate alleged judicial misconduct, enforce rigorous standards, and maintain public confidence in the judicial system, and it creates a committee to review and recommend changes to the commission's operations and structure.