Reports Issued in 1993

Reports Issued in 1993
Date Issued Report Number Report Title
Aug 30 92005

Treasurer's Cash Count (March 31, 1992)

Sep 23 93017

A Review of the Accomplishment of Goals Designed To Reduce Drug and Alcohol Abuse in California

Summary Full Report (PDF)

Oct 5 93012

The Department of Health Services' Information on Drug Treatment Authorization Requests (Letter Report), (Contract audit by The Thornton Group)

Summary Full Report (PDF)

Oct 7 92008

State of California, Statement of Securities Accountability of the State Treasurer's Office, June 30, 1992

Full Report (PDF)

Nov 23 92006

Treasurer's Cash Count (June 30, 1992)

Dec 1 93018

Review of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control's Implementation of the Hazardous Waste Source Reduction and Management Review Act of 1989, (Contract audit by Ernst & Young)

Full Report (PDF)

Dec 28 92001

State of California, Financial Report, Year Ended June 30, 1992 (Financial Statements)

Full Report (PDF)

Dec 30 93022

A Review of the Department of Motor Vehicles' Administration of the Collegiate License Plate Program' (Letter Report)

Summary Full Report (PDF)

Dec 31 92002

A Review of the State's Controls Over Its Financial Operations (Mgmt. Letters)

Full Report (PDF)

Dec 31 92003

State of California, Comprehensive Financial and Compliance Audit Report, Year Ended June 30, 1992

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