Report 2019-116 Recommendation 12 Responses

Report 2019-116: Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act: Weak Oversight Has Hindered Its Meaningful Implementation (Release Date: May 2020)

Recommendation #12 To: Mendocino County Probation Department

To adequately assess the effectiveness of its programs at reducing juvenile crime and delinquency, Mendocino should collect data on all participants in each JJCPA program and for each service it provides.

60-Day Agency Response

Mendocino County is working with our Community Based Organization (CBO) partners to establish the data required for program and service participants in each program provided. We are also working with our internal staff that are, or will be, providing programming/services to develop and establish the performance criteria and data required to adequately assess the effectiveness of our programs. Several of the programs/services are a new component of our JJCPA program; therefore, we are able to develop and establish the appropriate criteria at the onset of the program/service. Some of the programs/services that are part of our JJCPA program have been delayed or otherwise impacted as a result of the COVID-19 events currently impacting the country. The Assistant Chief Probation Officer has been assigned the task of overseeing the implementation, evaluation and assessment of the various programs/services which are part of our CMJJP. We anticipate full implementation of this recommendation within 12 months; however, COVID-19 events may delay or require modification to some implementation.

  • Estimated Completion Date: June 30, 2021
  • Response Date: July 2020

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Pending

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