Report 2006-035 Recommendation 5 Responses

Report 2006-035: Department of Health Services: It Has Not Yet Fully Implemented Legislation Intended to Improve the Quality of Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities (Release Date: February 2007)

Recommendation #5 To: Health Services, Department of

To ensure that it collects the Quality Assurance Fees (fees) it is entitled to, Health Services should reconcile the fee payments made by facilities to the estimated payments due and follow-up on all significant variances.

Annual Follow-Up Agency Response From January 2009

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has fully implemented this recommendation.

DHCS collection efforts are performed on a continuous basis. DHCS continues notifying facilities of outstanding fee balances and is receiving regular responses from those facilities. In addition, DHCS has completed reconciling its fee payment records for the 2006/07 rate year and has a process in place for collecting aged fee receivables. (2008-041, p. 42)

California State Auditor's Assessment of Annual Follow-Up Status: Fully Implemented

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