Report 2006-035 Recommendation 14 Responses

Report 2006-035: Department of Health Services: It Has Not Yet Fully Implemented Legislation Intended to Improve the Quality of Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities (Release Date: February 2007)

Recommendation #14 To: Health Services, Department of

To ensure that its contract consultant authorizes disbursements of Medi-Cal funds only to facilities entitled to them, Health Services should research and identify all the duplicate payments authorized by its contractor and recoup those payments.

Annual Follow-Up Agency Response From January 2012

Recovery from one overpaid Medi-Cal provider remains outstanding. Recovery is dependent upon offsetting any future state income taxes overpayments which normally take place during the month of April. The provider has been unresponsive to the Departments demands for voluntary repayment.

The Third Party Liability Recovery Division has an offset in place to obtain any State Income Tax Refund the provider may receive in the future until the debt is fully satisfied. To date, this offset has resulted in the recovery of $1,181.00 of the original $2,344.32 identified as a duplicate overpayment. The current balance being pursued is $1,643.49 including interest.

A total of 63 separate provider overpayment cases were referred to the Third Party Liability Recovery Division (TPLRD) for collection action. A total of $197,355.71 has been recovered by the TPLRD as of October 14, 2011. (2011-041, p. 50)

California State Auditor's Assessment of Annual Follow-Up Status: Fully Implemented

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