Report 2005-129 Recommendation 14 Responses

Report 2005-129: Department of Social Services: In Rebuilding Its Child Care Program Oversight, the Department Needs to Improve Its Monitoring Efforts and Enforcement Actions (Release Date: May 2006)

Recommendation #14 To: Social Services, Department of

To improve its enforcement actions in order to effectively address health and safety violations by child care facilities, the department should ensure that visits to facilities on probation are made within the required deadline.

1-Year Agency Response

The department issued a memo in October 2006 that directed all licensing staff to consider follow-up visits to facilities with revoked licenses or those with excluded individuals as the highest priority work, equal to complaint visits. The memo also addressed instructions for ensuring that a facility is actually closed when revocation becomes effective, ensuring that an excluded person has actually left the facility, and monitoring visits to facilities on probation. In addition, the department indicated that it requested additional resources to minimize the impact on other licensing and monitoring activities. Further, the department stated that it was revising its evaluator manual to incorporate the mandates of the memo. Finally, the department stressed the importance of making enhancements to allow for automated tracking and notification for follow-up visits to facilities. 2008-406, p. 193)

  • Response Date: August 2007

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: Fully Implemented

Subsequent to the original publication of this response, the state auditor considered this recommendation to be fully implemented.

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